Day Before Dos And Donts

Do this

The list of things to do the day before is essentially a list of “healthy living.”

  • Get your materials ready and put them in a known place: pencils, calculator, admission ticket, photo ID
  • Get your clothes ready. Remember that it’s best to have layers of clothes like a jacket or hoodie. You can put them on or take them off depending on how cool/warm the testing environment is.
  • Eat right
  • Go over the location in your head
  • Go over the routine of checking in
  • Set your alarm
  • Get a good nights sleep

Don’t do this

This number of things not to do is really too long to list. But, the most basic rule is to not stay out late. Even though it’s Friday night, get home and get a good night’s sleep. Better, make it a night-at-home night. Certainly, don’t fret over the test. The best recipe here is a funny movie and some popcorn, then off to bed.

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