During The Test

Stay calm

Sometimes, during “big tests,” students get the jitters. They’ll look at the first question or two, and psyche themselves out. Don’t fall into this trap. Again, relax. They’re just questions, ones that you’ve studied for. If you feel the jitters coming on, take a moment away from the test, glance out the window, take a deep breath, have confidence, then return to the test and go forward.

Pace yourself

Be aware of the time and work steadily. You’ll need to strike a balance between working briskly yet not rushing. This is where the work you’ve done on practice exams comes in. Remember that the easier questions usually come near the beginning of the section—don’t spend too much time thinking on the later/tougher questions.

Be confident

It’s been said before, but is worth repeating, have confidence in yourself. Focus and move forward.

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