Latin Greek Roots Prefixes And Suffixes
Root Meaning Example
act act, do actual
ami like, love amiable
arch ancient archetype, archive
aster/astra star astronomy
audi hear audible
bene good/well benefit
bio life biology
brev short abbreviation
cad fall cadence
ced go intercede
cept take, hold intercept
chloro green chlorophyll
chrono time chronology
cid kill, cut genocide
clud shut, close occlude
cred believe incredulous
cur run Incur
derm skin dermatologist
dic/dict speak dictionary
dict tell edict, dictionary
duct lead induct
fact make, do benefactor
fer bear, carry confer
fer carry transfer
fix fasten affix
flect flex, bend genuflect
gen birth generate
geo earth geography
graph write graphic
gress step, go forward digress
hemo blood hemoglobin
herb plants herbaceous
here stick, adhere inherent
hydro water hydrate
ject throw eject
junct join conjunction
jur/just law jury
leg read, choose illegible
log/logue word/thought dialogue
loqu talk, speak loquacity
luc light lucid
manu hand manual
meter/metr Measure thermometer
mit send transmit
mov move immovable
neg no negate
ocu eye ocular
olig few oligarchy
op/oper work operation
osteo bone osteoporosis
path feeling sympathy
ped foot centipede
ped child pediatrics
pel drive impel
pend hang pendulum
phil love philosophy
phys body/nature physical
pod foot podiatrist
pon put respond
port carry transport
press press, hold impress
proto first prototype
pseudo false pseudonym
rupt break disrupt
scrib write describe
scrib/script write scribble
sect cut intersect
sect cut dissect
sent feel sentient
sequ follow sequence
sol alone solitary
spect look introspection
sta stand station
struct build construct
tact touch tactile
tact touch contact
tele far off telephone
ter/terr earth territory
termin end determine
tract draw, pull tractor
vac empty vacant
vent come invent
ver truth verify
verb word verbal
vert turn convert
vict conquer evict
vid/vis see video/visual
voc call vocalize
volv roll, turn evolve
Prefix English Example
a or ab from, separated abridged, abnormal
ad to addict
ambi both ambidextrous
amphi both amphibian
ante before antecedent
anthropo man anthropology
anti against antifreeze
astro star astrology
auto self automobile
biblio book bibliography
bio life biosphere
cent hundred centimeter
chrom color monochrome
chron time chronology
circum around circumvent
con with concert
cosmo world microcosm
cracy government autocracy
de from/down depart
deci ten decimeter
dem people demographic
di two diameter
dis opposite disable
eu well, good euphemism
ex out exit
geo earth geography
graph write autograph
hetero different heterogeneous
hydro water hydrophobia
hyper over hyperactive
hypo too little hypoactive
hypo under hypodermic
in not invalid
inter between interstate
intra within intramurals
log speech, word syllogism
logy science, study meteorology
macro large macrobiology
meta beyond metaphysics
meter measure hygrometer
micro small microbe
milli thousand millipede
mis bad, wrong miscarriage
mono one, single monotheism
nano billion nanosecond
neo new neonatology
omni all omniscient
onym name synonym
pan all pantheism
path feeling sympathy
per throughout pervade
peri all around periscope
phil love Anglophile
phob fear agoraphobia
phon sound megaphone
poly many polygon
post after postpone
pre before precede
pro forward progress
pseudo false pseudonym
psych mind psychology
re again reappear
retro back retrogress
scop see oscilloscope
soph wisdom sophomore
sub under submarine
super more than supermarket
sym together symbol
syn together synchronize
tele at a distance telemetry
theo God or god theology
therm heat thermometer
trans across transcontinental
un not unwilling
Suffix English Example
al relating to maternal
arium place of aquarium
dom quality/state freedom
ic relating to poetic
ile quality/state juvenile
ist one who practices biologist
ology study of biology
ous quality/state ridiculous
tion quality/state preservation
ular relating to cellular

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