Scope Of This Study Guide

It’s time for a dose of reality. To score high on either test, you need

  1. a large body of knowledge and
  2. the skills to put that knowledge to use.

Using this website, you’ll work on both. However, bear this in mind: this site (or any exam prep site book) can’t be a substitute for 13 years of formal education. Nor will it try to cram 13 years of what you learned into a nice-and-neat package. It can’t be done. A couple of notes on tests - there are two types of tests:

  1. aptitude tests - measure how far you're likely to go. The SAT used to be called the “Scholastic Aptitude Test.” "Aptitude" refers to your abilities - how apt or able you are to do things. The SAT's main goal is trying to predict how you'll do in college.
  2. achievement tests - measure how far you've come. Whether they want to be or not, the SAT and ACT also are "achievement" tests. They measure what you've achieved or learned in school. A prep website or book can't replace 13 years of learning, but it can help out.

Experienced teachers know what’s meant when students ask for “a review” just prior to the semester exam. Students often want all of the semester’s material boxed up into a neat two-day review session. It can’t be done. Similarly, when a young man up and decides that he’ll just become and NBA superstar, a couple of intense workouts on the basketball court won’t get him from the bench to pro-ball level. It can’t be done. When it comes to test prep and test taking, or shooting for the NBA, there are no quick fixes. To that end, this website does not intend to be exhaustive. It won’t try to cover everything that might be on the SAT or ACT. To do so, is foolish.

It’s old fashioned, but the recipe for excellence has always been the same—hard work.

The student who works hard and listens carefully all semester will do better on the semester exam. The basketball player who works daily from childhood on will beat the last-minute enthusiast. And the student who has studied well throughout years of school will likely best the slacker on the SAT or ACT.

Maybe you’re thinking, “So, I’m a couple of months from exam time, is it hopeless?” No! It’s not hopeless! It’s time for a dose of hope. Hard work and studying will help, still. The strategies in this site will improve your score.

Simply stated, the more effort you put into studying, the better your score will be.

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